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Moving up the Wealth Ladder is not Easy No Matter your Level of Wealth


You have amassed huge amounts of assets which guarantee a comfortable life for you and your future generations. To maintain this level of wealth, you need to protect your wealth from any attacks e.g. inflation, recession etc. You do this by taking up positions in high-return risk free assets that can provide a buffer against any adverse economic times. Also, you diversify your portfolio so that it is fully protected from such issue


Your passive income sources allow you to live a luxurious lifestyle while paying for your monthly expenses comfortably. Money is not a problem for you in any way. To move up the wealth ladder to a situation where you have enough passive income to leave for your children, you have to have an attack and defensive strategy. To attack, you need to optimize your passive income sources and take up riskier positions to generate more passive income. While doing this, you have to create a safety cushion that allows you to generate a guaranteed high return protecting you from the losses that could be incurred in the pursuit of wealth

Financially Free

You own a passive income source that covers your monthly expenses. While this passive income source is enough to cover your monthly expenses, it isn’t enough to guarantee the luxurious lifestyle that you’ve always wanted. To move up the wealth ladder, you have to find ways to increase your passive income sources so that you can afford a more luxurious lifestyle on income from your passive income sourc


Your monthly earnings are more than enough to pay for your monthly expenses. Though, this is true, paying your monthly expenses leaves you almost broke every end month ensuring that you live paycheck to paycheck. To move up the wealth ladder, you have to find ways to increase your savings rate so that you can buy and own one source of passive income which pays enough income monthly to cover your monthly expenses and free you from living paycheck to paycheck.

In Debt

Your monthly expenses are above your monthly income which leads you to taking up harmful debt to meet your financial obligations. To move up the wealth ladder, you have to find ways to steadily reduce your spending so it’s below your income level while increasing your income so you can quickly pay off the harmful debt and restore your financial status.


We believe that achieving your boldest investment goals and aspirations requires a different level of investment wisdom than what is commonly known. We also believe that depending on your goal and the level of wealth you are working to attain, the kind of wisdom you need varies. That’s why after compiling and curating all our best advice and knowledge, we put it into different categories to ensure that it’s not just useful but relevant to your particular situation. We also provide practical wisdom that you can apply today and transform your investment future. Visit our Resource Center.

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