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Private Wealth Capital is a Financial and Investment Advisory firm specializing in providing Financial Advisory services to Institutions and leading corporate clients. We also provide Investment Advisory services to Institutional and Individual Investors in the areas of Real Estate, Private Equity and Fixed Income. Our goal is to sponsor and manage funds and accounts that make investments in Fixed Income, Real Estate and Private Equity. We have engaged in capital markets transactions and other advisory activities that capitalize on the experience and knowledge that we have accumulated throughout our history, while maintaining high confidentiality in client information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Wealth Planning: this service will be offered to individual clients who wish to plan for their financial success. After initial thorough assesment of the clients’financial position and identification of their goals, clients are advised how to plan their financial futures to enable the full attainment of their financial goals.

  • Financial Health Check: a thorough assesment of the client financial status.
  • Wealth Building Strategies: advisory of tested techniques on how to grow and accumulate wealth.
  • Wealth Mindset: attainment of wealth begins in the mind,techniques on ensuring a Wealthy mindset are incalcated on the clients.
  • Financial Fluency: financial illetracy has been identified as the single most important barriers to Wealth accumulation; clients’ fluency in financial matters is emphasized as the cornerstone to attainment of goals.
  • Retirement Planning: clients are provided with discerning techniques to ensure that they enjoy their sunset years with financial security and peace of mind.
  • Tax Planning: tax avoidance is not tax evasion;effective tax planning techniques that ensure clients maximize returns while paying minimal tax and utilizing the tax breaks and incentives offered by G.o.K.
  • Portfolio Management: clients are advised on diversification techniques of investment through various asset classes.
  • Life planning: the client is provided with a blue print or plan on goals to be achieved at varoius stages of life and the path to follow in the atainment of this goals.
  • Investment training: clients are provided with investment skills that can be utilized to grow their investments and derive better returns accross various asset classes.

Our Wealth Advisory services are fee based and therefore the size of your portfolio does not matter. However our investment management services in Real Estate, Fixed Income and Private Equity will be determined at the time each fund is raising capital.

Each fund will be charged a flat management fee of 1.5% of the asset value and 20% fee of the net gains.

There will be no guaranteed return as market movements may be determined by extrogenous factors. However our track record of investment in Real Estate and Fixed income will give investors an indication on what returns to expect.

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