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Bond Hub

Your one-stop shop for all bonds.

How it works

We Hold The Bond For you
You Hold the Bond Yourself

STEP 1: Open custody account with us

STEP 2: Identify the bond you want to buy

STEP 3: Send Funds to our account so we can buy the bond for you

STEP 4: We confirm purchase by sending to you a purchase note detailing the bond you bought and the amount.

STEP 5: We hold the bond on your behalf

STEP 6: Receive regular interest payments into your bank account at stipulated interest days.

STEP 1: Open CDS Account with the CBK

STEP 2: Identify the bond you want to buy


1. Hustle Free - Opening a CDS Account shouldn't stop you from buying bonds. Trade from your own personal custodian account and access bonds when you are ready to buy hustle free.

2. Trade Anytime- Did you miss out on the bond primary issue by CBK? Don't worry, with our Bond Hub you can buy any primary or secondary issue bonds. We will connect you to a willing seller/buyer allowing you to trade bonds that are no longer being issued out directly by CBK.

3. Competitive Rates- We offer some of the most competitive rates in the market allowing you to get the most attractive returns on your invested amount.

4. Huge Selection- Lock in the return that best suits your needs from our huge selection of both primary and secondary government bonds and listed and unlisted corporate bonds. All in the same place.

5. Dedicated Support- Our team of dedicated bond dealers are always available to help and advise you at any point in your buying/selling process.

6. Bonus Content- Get access to our monthly Bond Access Newsletter, quarterly portfolio reports and tips and tricks to help you navigate the fixed income market skillfully.

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