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How it works

Buying Directly from CBK
Buying from the Secondary Market

To invest in bonds, you must have a CDS Account with the CBK or a custodian account with an authorized dealer. Here is the process of getting a CDS Account with the CBK

STEP 1: Go to CBK offices/authorized agent of CBK to collect a mandate form (CDS opening form)

STEP 2: Fill in the mandate form in BLOCK LETTERS but DO NOT sign it

STEP 3: Get a colored passport photo and copy of your ID and KRA pin

STEP 4: Head to your local registered and licensed bank with your mandate form

STEP 5: Return to CBK with signed mandate card, signed passport photo and copy of ID and KRA pin

STEP 6: Sign the mandate card in the presence of a designated CBK officer

STEP 7: Hand it in and await your CDS Account to be opened (process should take 7 working days to complete)

STEP 8: Sign the mandate card in the presence of a designated CBK officer

STEP 1: Get bond application form from our offices/CBK or download it here.

STEP 2: Fill in your application form with your details, the details of the bond that you want to buy, the amount you want to bid and the rate at which you want to bid if a competitive bid. (NOTE: We provide bidding range advice in case you are unsure of what rate to bid)

STEP 3: After filling in the form, either deliver the form to the CBK directly or to our offices after which we will deliver the filled form to the CBK on your behalf.

STEP 4: Await the results of the bids to find out if your bid was accepted or rejected. Note that, for all non-competitive bids, your bod will be accepted, only competitive bids can be rejected. (The results are released two days after the bond closure date).

STEP 5: Upon successful application, send cash from your bank to CBK directly and after, you will have your bond placed in your CDS Account.

STEP 6: You will then receive coupon/interest payments every 6 months in your bank account directly from CBK. i.e. the bank account that will receive the interest payments is the one that is mapped to your CDS Account.

STEP 1: Express your interest in buying a bond in the secondary market to your broker (Private Wealth Capital LTD)

STEP 2: Get guidance on the best bond that fits your needs and specifications and the best price to buy it at from your broker (Private Wealth Capital LTD).

STEP 3: Select the bond and amount you want to buy and then provide written instructions detailing the bond and amount you want to buy.

STEP 4: Send cash to the Private Wealth Capital LTD account to initiate the buying transaction.

STEP 5: Private Wealth Capital LTD then contacts the seller and pays seller the amount for the bond sale.

STEP 6: Once the transaction is complete, the bond is then transferred from the seller's CDS account to your CDS account.

STEP 7: After this you will receive bond payments from the CBK every 6 months (at the designated interest payment dates) in the bank account registered to your CDS Account.

NOTE: For secondary market transactions, no money moves from seller to buyer, the broker connects both parties. Thus, you will not receive money directly from the buyer, the buyer will send Private Wealth Capital LTD the money and then we will send the proceeds to you.


1. Hustle Free - Opening a CDS Account shouldn't stop you from buying bonds. Trade from your own personal custodian account and access bonds when you are ready to buy hustle free.

2. Trade Anytime- Did you miss out on the bond primary issue by CBK? Don't worry, with our Bond Hub you can buy any primary or secondary issue bonds. We will connect you to a willing seller/buyer allowing you to trade bonds that are no longer being issued out directly by CBK.

3. Competitive Rates- We offer some of the most competitive rates in the market allowing you to get the most attractive returns on your invested amount.

4. Huge Selection- Lock in the return that best suits your needs from our huge selection of both primary and secondary government bonds and listed and unlisted corporate bonds. All in the same place.

5. Dedicated Support- Our team of dedicated bond dealers are always available to help and advise you at any point in your buying/selling process.

6. Bonus Content- Get access to our monthly Bond Access Newsletter, quarterly portfolio reports and tips and tricks to help you navigate the fixed income market skillfully.

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