We provide advice to companies seeking to raise capital through debt, equity and other alternative sources.We also advice companies or private fund seeking to acquire or sell privately held companies.

Our Wealth Advisory services are fee based and therefore the size of your portfolio does not matter. However our investment management services in Real Estate, Fixed Income and Private Equity will be determined at the time each fund is raising capital.

Each fund will be charged a flat management fee of 1.5% of the asset value and 20% fee of the net gains.

There will be no guaranteed return as market movements may be determined by extrogenous factors. However our track record of investment in Real Estate and Fixed income will give investors an indication on what returns to expect.

Investment in Private Equity takes between 5-7 years to mature, however annualized returns may be quite high; an ideal period for Real Estate investment is also about 2 – 5 years; finally Fixed Income investment horizon can be 1 year, however there are options for short term investment in the bond market for upto 3 months.

Private Wealth Capital Ltd, utilizes optimal trading techniques that manage risk while targeting high return on investment. The expertise of our investment managers is tried and tested in the capital and real estate markets over the last 15 years. Leveraged trading ensures that investor returns are high, while prudent assesment of the trading environment, scenario analysis and planning ensures that risks are well mitigated.

While most bonds invested may be long term in nature, the bond markets are liquid meaning that investors can easily exit from a 20 year bond at will.Our investment STRATEGY will not be Buy- and- Hold, but will entail trading in bonds to exploit short term buy and sell opportunities that emerge in the market.

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